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THE CITY OF CARE THROUGH WALKABILITY AND PROXIMITY. Researching on and with Generation Alpha on urban walkability assessment2023Pei X.; D'Ambrosio S.; Sedini C.Connectivity and Creativity in times of Conflict
Scenario building through a systemic lens: a new perspective on tools and methods to design for sustainability transitions2023D'Ambrosio Silvia; Italia Mattia; Maurer DanielaConnectivity and Creativity in times of Conflict
Teaching design in emerging countries A train-the-trainer methodology2022Vignati A.; Lam B.; Azariadis P.; D’Ambrosio S.; Bofylatos S.DISCERN
Materials for SDGs: A Synergy Towards Sustainable Development2022Santi Romina; Sossini Lia; Italia Mattia; D'Ambrosio Silvia; Zurlo Francesco; DEL CURTO BarbaraDIID. DISEGNO INDUSTRIALE INDUSTRIAL DESIGN
DESIGN FOR SUSTAINABLE FUTURE: A THREE-LEVEL EDUCATIONAL APPROACH2022Santi Romina; Sossini Lia; Italia Mattia; D’Ambrosio Silvia; de Liguori Mario; Del Curto Barbara16th International Technology, Education and Development Conference