Universita di Genova

Peng Lu

PhD student in Human Computer Interaction Design for Future Cars
Politecnico di Milano

Peng Lu
  • Co driving pleasure

    Co-driving is a status where car has artificial agency and drive with drivers in future autonomous vehicles.

  • Sense of agency control

    The decrease of sense of agency is argued important for people who hesitate move towards autonomous vehicles.

  • Driving context

    Driving contexts are important as they can influence people’s understanding and needs of co-driving pleasure and sense of agency.

About me

My research activities in brief

I am currently a PhD in Design student at POLIMI with a focus on Automotive User Experience Design.
My research revolves around exploring Automotive UX design strategies to establish meaningful human-car emotional relationships, particularly in light of the trends of autonomous and connected vehicles.

Bio & resume

My academic career summary

Before my PhD research, I obtained MSc degrees in “Product-Service System Design” and “Management Engineering” from PoliMi in These degrees were part of a double degree program that allowed me to merge business and service design knowledge.
Furthermore, I earned a BEng degree in Architecture from China in 2018.

I have a strong passion for learning and expanding my knowledge. To date, I have earned at least 12 Coursera certificates for various courses and specializations. Additionally, I have engaged in several MOOC courses, although I did not obtain certificates for those. These courses have covered diverse topics ranging from Python coding to Circular Economy.


Principal research interests

My research interests span a wide range of areas, including User Experience Design, Service Ecosystem Design, Servitization, and the intersection of Design and Social Science topics.

Before embarking on my PhD journey, I had the opportunity to publish two conference papers. One paper focused on design for socio-technical transition, while the other explored service design for servitization.

Additionally, I participated in a project supported by Tsinghua University (Beijing) to develop the 2020 Service Design Blue Book Report (in Chinese).