Universita di Genova

Laura Pirrone

PhD student in Design
Politecnico di Milano

Laura Pirrone
  • Waterborne mobility

  • Design ecosystem

  • Smart circular economy

About me

My research activities in brief

I believe that when creativity has an analytical eye, a critical approach and a strategic business vision can make sense to complexity to envision meaningful solutions and innovation opportunities.

Bio & resume

My academic career summary

I have a Master’s Degree in Strategic Design obtained at the Politecnico of Milano and a Master’s degree with honors in Industrial Design obtained at the University of Camerino.

During my work experiences as art director, brand designer and UX designer, I focus on launching and repositioning brands, designing and improving user experiences, implementing end-to-end projects and innovative solutions.


Principal research interests

My research aims to investigate how design strategies can support the stakeholders of the waterborne passenger urban mobility ecosystem in fostering the transition towards a circular economy model enabled by new digital technologies.

“Waterborne passenger urban mobility” refers to the public transport of people through waterways in urban contexts. This topic will be addressed through a systemic and holistic perspective, which considers the complex interactions among all the stakeholders.