Universita di Genova

Fabio Antonio Figoli

PhD student in Product design
Politecnico di Milano

Fabio Antonio Figoli
  • Human ai collaboration

  • Generative ai

  • Industrial design

About me

The purpose of my research

Given the dynamism of our time, I firmly believe that design needs new tools to tackle the increasing complexity embodied within products. In this scenario, technologies, such as Artificial Intelligence, may be capable of expanding the boundaries of the design process and enhancing the work of designers.

Bio & resume

My career, in a nutshell

After graduating from the scientific high school, I enrolled at Politecnico di Milano. I attended the bachelor’s degree in Product Design from 2016 to 2019 and the master’s degree in Design & Engineering from 2019 to

In particular, 2021 was a pivotal year for my development. During this period, complementary to my research thesis preparation, I began learning more about the world of academic research thanks to my internship at PoliMi, where I worked for the Erasmus+ project DoCS4Design. This inspiring experience, culminating with the Partner’s meeting at TUDelft in October of the same year, really pushed me to pursue a PhD in Design.

In 2022, while continuing to work for DoCS4Design, I also collaborated with Lucia Rampino and Francesca Mattioli on three publications, and I was involved as a *research fellow at the Design Department of PoliMi for the Italy-Azerbaijan University project.


AI’s impact on the design process and team collaboration

My research interests focus on the design process and aim to improve the development of industrial products for a complex society. In particular, I am now addressing the issue of AI’s potential impact on the Design discipline and profession. Indeed, the title of my PhD research is Framing Designer-AI collaboration: an investigation of the co-parenting ambiguity arising from the integration of generative AI into the design process.


Courses and teaching activities

Since 2021, I have been an assistant professor at the School of Design of the Politecnico di Milano for Product Design and Design & Engineering courses.


I collaborate with

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Institutions and companies I have worked with

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