Universita di Genova

Eva Monestier

Product Designer & Design Researcher
Politecnico di Milano

Eva Monestier

Hi! I'm Eva and I'm a PhD student in Design and research fellow at IDEActivity Center, Politecnico di Milano.

  • Post anthropocentrism

  • Design futures

  • Creativity

About me

My research activities in brief

Post-Anthropocentrism is requiring radical mind-shifts in order for humans to acknowledge their intrinsic entanglement with other technological and biological systems and critically reconsider their anachronistic exceptionalism.
In this scenario, it becomes crucial to creatively envision futures including multiple perspectives. The research aims at defining how post-anthropocentric creativity can empower Design Futures as an approach to design regenerative futures for humans and non-humans.

Bio & resume

My academic career summary

I am a Product Designer and Researcher with a strong humanistic background. I have gained experience in research working at IDEActivity Center developing my MSc thesis on Technology Foresight within the DC4DM project and at Digital Society School, a research center within the Hogeschool van Amsterdam that seeks to assess the impact of technology on society and shape preferable futures.


Principal research interests

As a PhD researcher I am interested in investigating how Post-anthropocentrism is impacting the creative process through the lens of Design Futures to anticipate regenerative futures for both humans and non-humans.


Courses and teaching activities

Teaching Assistant Laboratorio Fondamenti del Progetto 2022/2023 Sez. P2


I collaborate with

Marita Canina, Carmen Bruno, Tatiana Efremenko, Mida Fiore, Daniela Amandolese, Valentina Vezzani