Universita di Genova

Chiara Di Lodovico

PhD student in Design @ FiP
Politecnico di Milano

Chiara Di Lodovico
  • Fashion tech innovation

    Navigating the multifaceted landscape of emerging technologies along the fashion industry value chain.

  • Self tracking wearables

    Delving into the complexities and tensions surrounding the design of wearable technologies for self-tracking.

  • Design with for ambiguity

    Unveiling ambiguity’s transformative role as a resource in design-driven innovation.

About me

My research activities in brief

MSc graduate in Design for the Fashion System, currently I am a PhD Candidate at Politecnico di Milano in the Design Department.
My research is focused on Fashion-Tech, wearable technologies, design-driven innovation, and collaborative processes in fashion practices.

Bio & resume

My academic career summary

I’m Chiara, a passionate design researcher from Politecnico di Milano. With a focus on fashion-tech innovation, I’ve been exploring the captivating intersection of design and technology since 2018 as part of the “Fashion in Process” research group. My PhD research delves into the creative power of ambiguity in designing wearable technologies and data representations. As a Visiting PhD at Eindhoven University of Technology, I’ve furthered my expertise in design research and the philosophy of technology. I’m fueled by a strong dedication to expanding knowledge and conducting insightful research.


Principal research interests

I am passionate about examining the paradigm shift arising from the integration of emerging technologies throughout the fashion industry value chain. I am also deeply intrigued by collaborative practices and the profound impact of digital fabrication in fashion practices. My PhD research focuses on Fashion-Tech. Specifically, I am investigating ambiguity as a generive lens to inform design practitioners working on self-tracking wearable technology’s data representation.


Professional achievements

Apart from my academic pursuits, I also worked as a freelance designer for knitwear and editorial studios. Through this experience, I have been able to expand my skills in fashion design, branding, graphic design, photography, and digital communication.

I’ve always been curious about the design process behind creative projects.
I will guide you through mine. Hope you enjoy.


Courses and teaching activities

As a teaching assistant, I’ve supported various educational activities, including academic courses and design workshops. I coached and tutored a design research project on empowering individuals through ambiguous data representation. I also contributed to modules and workshops on advanced interactive narratives, self-tracking data, and garment interactions. Moreover, I participated in project-based courses addressing the sustainability and virtual dimensions of fashion-tech, sociology for fashion, design research, communication, visual merchandising, and marketing. My role involved assessing requirements, designing tools, evaluating projects, and providing tutoring.


I collaborate with

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