Universita di Genova

Benedetta Rotondo

PhD student in Design
Politecnico di Milano

Benedetta Rotondo

*"Design creates culture. Culture shapes values. Value determines the future" - Robert L. Peters *

  • Design for sustainability

    It addresses the environmental, social, and economic impacts of products and systems throughout their life cycles.

  • Circular economy

    Nowadays, moving from the linear economy to a more sustainable sustainable system of production and consumption is crucial.

  • New product development

    Rethink the NPD design process of home appliances to guide the companies to circular products development and sustainable innovation.

About me

My research activities in brief

Hi! I’m Benedetta Rotondo, a PhD student in design at Politecnico di Milano. Currently, I’m focusing my research on “New product development design for circular innovation in the home appliance industry” in collaboration with De’Longhi Appliances S.r.l.

Bio & resume

My academic career

I graduated at Politecnico di Milano with the Master’s degree in Design & Engineering. During my university career I learnt to do not stop in front of the difficulties, trying to face the problems with positivity.

I consider myself very determinated and dynamic, always looking for new experiences that can enrich my personal and educational growth.


Principal research interests

During my educational and professional career I have always focused on research in the field of sustainability, circular economy and eco-design.
I strongly believe that these are very relevant topics in our contemporary world to address environment challenges and promote future innovation.

Looking ahead, my aspirations are to further explore these areas, continuously expanding my skills and knowledge, and to inspire positive change in various sectors.


Courses and teaching activities

In the past few years, I have been a Teaching Assistant for several courses and workshops at the School of Design of Politecnico di Milano.


Institutions and companies I have worked with

Institutions and companies I have worked with.