Universita di Genova

Ambra Borin

PhD student in Interior and Spatial Design
Politecnico di Milano

Ambra Borin
  • Proximity

  • Spatial design

  • Design for social innovation

About me

My research activities in brief

I am a PhD candidate in Design at Politecnico di Milano, deeply passionate about exploring the concept of proximity and its application in both urban and remote contexts. My research focuses on crystallizing short-term actions that contribute to long-term positive change.

Bio & resume

My academic career summary

I earned my Master’s Degree in Interior and Spatial Design from Politecnico di Milano in 2018, with a thesis titled “Oltre il Vuoto.” Prior to that, I completed my Bachelor’s Degree in Industrial Design at La Sapienza University in Rome in 2015.

As a member of the coordination team of Off Campus Nolo, I actively contribute to initiatives aimed at strengthening the presence of Politecnico di Milano within the city of Milan. This initiative aligns with the university’s commitment to being more responsible, open, socially aware, and closely connected to the community.


Principal research interests

My primary research interest lies in investigating the concept of proximity, exploring how it can be implemented in urban and remote settings. My current PhD research delves into this idea, aiming to understand and promote positive change through short-term actions.


Courses and teaching activities

I actively contribute to the academic community as a teaching assistant with the School of Design, POLI.design, and ASP Programm of Politecnico di Milano, as well as Universidad de Navarra in Pamplona.


I collaborate with

I have been a research collaborator at Polimi DESIS Lab since 2018, engaging in projects related to Spatial Design and Service Design for educational public spaces. My involvement spans various levels, from local primary and secondary schools to projects exploring community engagement and co-design processes.